Welcome to WLJ SG’s temporary website (blog). We are gearing up to launch several platforms online, but until then, please do get to know us here.


OUR VISION: the dream

We envision a vibrant community of jazz and improvised music in Singapore then connecting it to the world.

We strive to deepen the understanding and develop the appreciation of these art forms in our society.

We aim to facilitate the evolution of these art forms alongside Singapore’s growing arts and cultural landscape.

OUR MISSION: the work

We Love Jazz (Singapore) Limited is an arts organization dedicated to strengthening the foundation of our community of jazz and improvised music by:

  1.    Empowering our grass roots community by creating interactive opportunities for one and all
  2.   Giving prominence to Singapore’s unique jazz and improvised music’s history
  3.   Promoting and sharing the information and resources of our current community and industry to develop more audiences



We believe in the idea that jazz and improvised music should be open and easily accessible to society through audience-focused engagement and involvement. Thus forging a deeper relationship and understanding between practitioners, their craft and the audience.


We will endeavour to keep our artistic integrity high  practitioners of jazz and improvised music, while serving our mission. It is the core reason for our mission, and the responsibility.


We value the importance of all forms of creative arts and improvised arts. We believe each art form should have a safe and nurturing environment with proper support and resources in order for it to flourish.


We embrace diversity, bringing people together while facilitating everyone’s right to receive and exchange information.


We value the longevity of jazz and improvised music in Singapore. Our organization strives to be part of the tapestry of cultural institutions in Singapore that binds people of all generations to grow together.

Our team :

Aya Sekine (Founding director)

Dawn Ho (Director)

Namie Rasman (Director)

Karen de Silva (Manager)

Rie Watanabe (Manager)

Ashlee Liu (Manager)


Board of Directors :

Dr. Timothy O’Dwyer

Zheng Yuepeng

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