Happy new year!

file_000We Love Jazz (Singapore) Limited aka WLJ SG wishes you a very happy new year to everyone.

Last year in September 2016 we incorporated ourselves and finally, we have begun our activities.  We are now forming a research team that will go deep into Singapore’s own jazz and improvised arts history as well as ecosystem, which is our greatest mission. We are also planning monthly event which will be altered  monthly to engage the jazz and improvised arts community in Singapore.

January – February 2017

Jan 24th (Tue) 7-9pm  venue TBA

SPEAKUP! Speakeasy Talking Sessions : a new sharing platform where we speak-up about our jazz, art, improvisation, community and more.

17 Feb (Tue) 7:30-9:30pm  / venue TBA

SPEAKLOW! Speakeasy Music Sessions : we are now taking over this initiative which used to be managed by Bon Goût Music.

Illustration / artwork by Pixin 

Much more to tell, please follow our Facebook Page :


and please do sign up at our mailing list for upcoming events and real good news!



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