Hi everyone!

Thank you SO much for buying our tickets online, off-line, liking our post, emailing us inquiries. We are still very excited to present the acts we have. Bring your parents. Siblings, friends, frememies, partners, sensei, neighbors – time to activate all people to come gather at We Love Jazz Party 2017 to show them what Singapore jazz is like! and here is the time table for y’all. Read through this post, as there are few good stuff.

  1. Event schedule (time table)
  2. We are featured on the Straits Times & Berita Harian!
  3. The Improv Company & Freebies


(1) Event schedule (time table) : WLJP2017

Here is your time table!



The timing might change a little bit due to technical and human nature, but we are sticking to the order, and hope to keep it as smooth as possible.


(1) We are featured on the Straits Times & Berita Harian!

Our special guest, the Singapore Jazz Legend Julai Tan is largely featured and we are very happy we are able to have this amazing jazz man who has lived through many musical moments. Please have a read. He is on Day 2.


We were also covered by Berita Harian with our Headliner guest Rudy Djoe, and one of our director, Namie Rasman!


We are very happy for these coverage! Thank you Eddino Hadi and Kak Haryani for great articles!


(3) The Improv Company & Free stuff

We are very happy to have these guys on board – our ‘Saudara Mara’ (‘The relative’)  The Improv Company is offering *ALL WLJP2017 TICKET HOLDERS* a FREE ADMISSION to one of their introductory sessions,
held every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month, 4-6 pm.

We Love Jazz SG director Aya Sekine visited this workshop. After that she decided to invite them to perform for WLJP2017 BOTH NIGHTS. It was so much fun she couldn’t resist to include them as the ‘relative’ of jazz!!!!

**Free admission flyer will be sent to ALL ticket holders via email.


4 days ’til the festival!

Get your discounted tickets now : WLJP2017.PEATIX

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