Thank you for all the things & people in 2017!

Dear everyone,


2017 is about to end.
This year We Love Jazz Sg has made some notable achievements in our 1st year of being a registered company by the guarantee (means not-for-profit) community organisation in Singapore. It went like this…


January :
Speaklow! Speakeasy Music Sessions Vol.7 feat. Christy Smith (bass) at The Music Parlour

February :
Topic : Sustainability of jazz & improvised music in Singapore

March :
WLJ Participatory Series (WLJPS) #2 Ayaschool Jungle Jam
Managed & Administrated JAZZ at the RED DOT partnering with Jazz Asia at SCAPE
-Programmed and facilitated Jazz appreciation at Spectra Secondary School partnering with U.S. Embassy Singapore

April :
International Jazz Day at KULT CAFE endorsed by UNESCO

May :
Speaklow! Speakeasy Music Sessions Vol. 8 feat. Shun Sakai at Palm Ave Float Club – Lavender

June :
WLJ Participatory Series (WLJPS) #2 Soundpainting with Timothy O’Dwyer at LASALLE College of the Arts

July :
-Organised ‘We Love Jazz Party (WLJP) 2017 and Singapore’s first Jazz competition ‘We Love Jazz Battle (WLJB) 2017 at Golden X The Great Escape
-Our program ‘Singapore Legend’ feat. Julai Tan (the oldest jazz man alive in Singapore) featured in The Straits Times [read the article here ]
-Multiple features on Berita Harian Singapura


September :
Took part in Revision Music’s TRIBE MUSIC MARKET x REVISION at Camp Kilo Charcoal Club [ see photos ]

October :
WLJ Participatory Series (WLJPS) #3 – Listening and Sharing session at Artistry

November :
-Project managed Tony Memmel & His Band’s Singapore leg of ‘American Music Abroad’ program partnering with U.S. Embassy Singapore [ read ]


And now December. Gee, that was a lot!
We worked really hard and we do laugh about it, as it was SO-MUCH-WORK, hahahaha! At least we can laugh!
In any case, we wouldn’t be standing here without ANY OF YOU YOUR SUPPORT!

T H A N K Y O U ! ! !

We thank all the sponsorships, supporters and partnerships who believed in us to kick start our work as an official ‘Bureau of Jazz of Singapore’. We’d also like to thank volunteers and part time support we got from members of our community. We love you and it made HUGE difference, we can tell you.

We are a community organisation.
We believe in promoting the community as a whole, but that means each and one of us need to be strong and happy about the arts we love/practice.

Next year we will be even more focused, and have fun working towards our vision to bring vibrancy and consistency to our community in Singapore.

We (which includes you whom reading this!) are a bunch of jazz lovers, aren’t we? For that, we thank you for being here.

Have an amazing day today, and see you next year in 2018!!!

Yours truly,

that is :
Dawn Ho
Namie Rasman
Ashlee Liu
Karen Denise De Silva
Rie Watanabe
Timothy O’Dwyer
Yuepeng Zheng

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