[Review Report] Harpeth Rising Singapore Tour (Mar 1-4, 2019)

As of humid yet clear evening of 2nd March at Timbre Arts House, we have completed our mission of programming and managing American Chamberfolk trio Harpeth Rising ‘s Singapore Tour 2019,  together with our implementing partner The U.S. Embassy Singapore. The tour was part of US government’s American Music Abroad program and 2nd time for us to be on board – except this time there were more programming than 2017’s Tony Memmel SG tour, Thanks to all participating partners and artists, it ended in smiles, laughter over great music, food & drinks all because of love & effort of everyone who were involved.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 1.30.13 PM
As written. Tour At A Glance
Final public performance at Timbre Arts House!


Pre event & Programming

Work with U.S. Embassy staff to create an agenda for 3 days of programming with 2 events per day based on Embassy program priorities such as : 

  1. Presentation and concert in collaboration with music students
  2. Inspirational talk to young aspiring musicians
  3. Interactive music workshop 
  4. A public concert with Singaporean musicians
  5. Media outreach
  6. Some pop-up events (e.g. street performances / social media friendly activities)





  1. Identify resource requirements (including but not limited to transportation, instrument/sound equipment rental, transport, venue rental, collaborating artist fees, and production)
  2. Source supplier / contractors and manage supplier / contractor negotiations and engagement
  3. Submit an all-inclusive budget, including organization and 3rd party costs; and

Execution (on site)

  1. Oversee execution of the program, including all permitting (if required); production; logistics; financial management; and artist management 
  2. Call or write in periodic status reports to the Embassy contact at key benchmarks are met as jointly defined by Embassy and implementing partner upon confirmation of the Award

Post Event

Submit a narrative report about the program within 30 days of the last event.  

The Team

For this project, our operating Squad are as follows :

  • Aya Sekine (programming director/marketing & publicity)
  • Anne Weerapass (co-programmer, project manager)
  • Sheryl Lim (admin/manager)
  • Phua Zai An (intern / social media support)

Thank you!

We would like to thank following partners :

-Danny Loong & Xue Ning / Timbre
-Ibrahim & Orkestra Melayu Singapura (Singapore Malay Orchestra)
– Sofian, Affifa & the team / Singapore Botanic Gardens
– LASALLE technical officer Willie Lyou, students Echo City (Lai Jia Jie Owen, Jonquil Woon, Arianna Marisa) and Hadi Hamid
– Ms. Geok Pin Low / Crescent Girls’ School
– Ramu Thiruyanam & Tim Thorn / School of the Arts, Singapore
– Christopher Ang and the crew / BCUBE Live Sound and Production
– Mohammed and the boss at Maxicab Singapore
& Dusk Low for being our photographer for the project.

Special thanks to the US Embassy Team especially Ms. Kerry Driver for being such a great partner in ‘good’ crime for this project. Also thanking great team Ms. Allyson Coyne, Mr. Cain Harrelson, Ms. Jacqueline Seng, Ms.Misha Samtani, Ms. Yusmawati Yahya

We have again gained unforgettable experience with this project (music & management both!). We feel that we have found new friendship & partnerships, saw more potential that can contribute to world peace through music. Our biggest honour to have been on this project.

Lastly but not least, thank you Jordana Greenberg (violin, vocal), Maria Di Meglio (cello, cajon, vocal), Michelle Younger (Banjo, vocal) for your strong music. We will sincerely miss you and please let’s keep in touch for more. And thank you all audience for joining this spectacular initiative!


The Main team : Back row (from left) – Jordana Greenberg (HR), Michelle Younger (HR), Kerry Driver(US Embassy), Maria Di Meglio (HR), Aya Sekine (WLJ SG), Front row : Sheryl Lim (WLJSG) Allyson Coyne (US Embassy) Anne Weerapaass (WLJ SG)

Photo credit : Dusk Low

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