[WLJ Intern Interview] Alaric Tay on School’s Out! Discover Jazz

I started my internship with WeLoveJazz sometime at the end of July this year. It was my first time working with a small team of people for an internship. I met Ashlee, Aya and Sarah and they were very friendly and welcoming to me. They informed me about the massive project that I would be participating in if I were to take up the internship, which is “School’s Out! Discover Jazz” project with the Esplanade.

It was the first time the team had ever done something on such a large scale. There was a lot of admin work involved. Coincidentally, in Lasalle, I had a few lessons on music event management going on concurrently. It was really good to be able to relate the things taught in lessons to real life scenarios and situations that I was going through.

It was a tough period for me as I had to juggle internship work with my own school work, but thanks to the team being extremely understanding, I managed to pull through such a tough period. Sarah, Ashlee and Aya always asked me if it was manageable and if I could handle the workload.

Although I have been through many rehearsals, it was my first time actually being present at rehearsals with professionals. It was an eye-opener and everyone was extremely skilled and professional. Things were improvised on the spot and everything was done swiftly and quickly.

On the actual day of the performance, it was an experience to see everyone getting ready for the event. From make-up to wardrobe and the small admin stuff that went on. It was nice to see everyone getting ready for the performance.

Right before the performance started, it was slightly nerve-wracking. I could feel the adrenaline rushing through everyone. Everyone was pumped and excited and it was all about just having fun and relaxing for the rest of the show.

This was a journey I’ll never forget. Everyone here had a strong passion for jazz music. It was an eye opening experience to see a concert being planned from scratch. From weekly meetings just to settle the overall concept, to actually contacting people who were willing to participate in the project, to the actual budgeting and management, to rehearsals and reviews and finally to the actual performance, it was an enjoyable experience that I will always remember.

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