We, ‘We Love Jazz (Singapore) Limited’ also known as ‘WLJ SG’, are a Singapore-based registered Company Limited by Guarantee (not-for-profit) arts organisation.

We Love Jazz (Singapore) Limited (WLJ SG) is an arts organization dedicated to strengthening the foundation of the jazz and improvised music community in Singapore. Consisting of a team of enthusiastic jazz practitioners, educators and arts managers, WLJ SG’s main objective is to create an environment and opportunities where we can unify and promote the jazz community in Singapore as a whole through grassroots outreach, education and resource support as well as interactive community music events.

Though the organisation is young, incorporated on 27th September 2016,  WLJ SG has made several achievements of various sizes, such as our signature community jazz festival entitled We Love Jazz Party (WLJP) (2016, 2017) , We Love Jazz Battle (2017) and International Jazz Day celebration in 2017 and 2018.

_MG_0517 copy
We Love Jazz Party 2017 [Photo By Olivia Kwok]
Besides our in-house programming, we were assigned and commissioned by our partner non-profit organisation Jazz-Asia, to provide administrative, planning and marketing support for their annual 9-day jazz workshop series “Jazz At The Red Dot” held in March 2017 & 2018.  We are also commissioned by the US Embassy to manage their residency performance/workshop program with artist Tony Memmel, a musician born with only one arm.

Managed Jazz Asia’s Jazz At The Red Dot 2017 & 2018 [Photo by Robert Seng]
With initiatives that have reached both existing and new audiences, the non-profit organisation continues to develop projects that enrich the growing community, making jazz accessible and fun, in the hopes of imparting a deeper understanding of the jazz experience in Singapore, then connect to the regional jazz communities to work together through exchanging events, creating even bigger support system to raise awareness of the art form.

Yes, we are a little like a tourist information centre, but specialising in Singapore jazz.


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