We solely operate by our personal funds. We apply for grants from several institutions and foundations but only for specific projects. Our project takes up as much as 24/7 and being a grassroots start-up organisation, we are not recognised enough to achieve corporate funds.

Although we don’t have enough funds and we admit we are suffering a bit, we feel our work is extremely important for Singapore’s jazz community.

We need your help in following areas :

  1. Monetary Support : all your donations are extremely helpful to recover our deficits (currently in red) and future projects.
  2. Connections : if you have any contacts who are looking to support the arts, please connect us with them. We are ready for pitch.
  3. Volunteers : we appreciate you volunteering to help our projects. Experienced managers are welcome, but if you have passion, we can share what we know. It will be a great learning experience for music students to learn how to manage events.
  4. Media coverage : We jazz related initiative never seem to have enough coverage by the press. If you help us connect us with medias, we would appreciate it very much.

We are currently running a fund raising campaign for Singapore International Jazz Battle & The Forum 2017. Click the link : 

(Campaign closed 16th October! Thank you all for the support!)


If you would like to support us directly : 

To our bank account :
DBS Current 100-904102-1

Via PayPal :

If you are interested in giving and/or partnering with us, please send us an email:

We are happy to discuss what we can do in return, and together to benefit the growth and development of Singapore’s jazz community.