Happy International Jazz Day, everyone!

Time really flies. It is 30 April 2020 and we are celebrating International Jazz Day with loads of videos submitted for ‘What The Jazz?!?!’

We created a YouTube playlist with all the videos! Get some food and drinks and watch them now!

This year’s participants hail from all around the world: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, France and United States. We have watched all the videos and discovered so many different ways people from all walks of life perceive jazz.

Jazz is an intimate and personal music and we believe it embraces anyone who enjoys it. Whether you are a jazz musician or just a jazz lover, we are all part of the jazz community.

This project has been made possible by our dedicated WLJ IJD 2020 team (some of us are also participants) and your enthusiasm to be part of the global International Jazz Day community 🙂

International Jazz Day Blog Posts

IJD 2020 Closing Announcement

The 2020 edition of We Love Jazz SG’s International Jazz Day celebration has come to an end! Although we could not physically meet this year, we still managed to get together online and celebrate our love of jazz. We received 35 videos this year! We had people performing original compositions, covers of jazz standards and even talking… Read more IJD 2020 Closing Announcement

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