Our Core Outreach Series (COS) is a series of small-scale events organised by WLJ SG to reach out and enhance different aspects of the jazz & improvised music community up close.

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SPEAKLOW! Speakeasy Music Sessions :

Specially programmed and themed performances with post-performance dialogue is held monthly, aimed at highlighting the passion & process of our featured artists while cultivating appreciation and understanding from our audiences.

Check out our session with veteran bassist Christy Smith here!


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SPEAKUP! Speaklouder Talking Jam :

A safe and open platform for sharing and discussing our discipline, community or anything around jazz, improvised music and other improvised art forms.

Check out our first session here!



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WLJ Participatory Series:

A series of Hands-on feature that invites all members of this community and curious cats to join us in workshops aimed at exploring the listening, creating and appreciating of jazz & improvised music through several unique and innovative channels.

Some of our events included a coordinated jam and a listening session! Click here to find out more



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