Jazz Battle


Can an individual participate in both Solo and Group Division?

Yes. Please fill up separate application forms to participate in both divisions.


I am playing for my group. Can I play for another group?

No. You may not participate more than once in each division.


Can I reharmonize/arrange the song for different meter/feel?

Yes, but please keep in mind, this competition is not about arranging / composition. We advise you to go over the ‘Judging Criteria’.


Are drummers required to do open solo or trades?

There is no strict requirement, but your performance should showcase the best of your abilities.


Are we allowed to use charts?

No, you are required to memorise your entire programme.


What equipment is provided during the Finals?

A drumset, grand piano, amplifiers and cables will be provided. Note that any additional equipment you choose to bring will eat into your setup time.



Solo Division


Do all instruments need to play the head (like bass and drums)?

You need not play the head of the song but we encourage all participants to play it.


Can I get the other instrumentalists to take a solo?

As a bandleader, you are expected to lead the house band and you can direct them to solo, you will be assessed primarily on your improvisation.


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