[Updated 27 Jul 2018]


1. Can I use synth and effects for guitars or keyboards?

Yes, as long as the requirements set out in the terms and conditions are met, please feel free to do what you feel is most comfortable for you and what shows the best of your ability. Also do take note that should you be selected into the finals, there is limited time for set up on stage, so that should be a point of consideration for instrumentation.


2. Can an individual participate in both Solo and Group Division?

Yes. Please fill up separate application forms to participate in both divisions.


3. I am playing for my group. Can I play for another group?

No. You may not participate more than once in each division.


4. Can I re-harmonize/arrange the song for different meter/feel?

Yes, but please keep in mind, this competition is not about arranging/composition. We advise you to go over the ‘Judging Criteria’.


5. What should my video submission be like if I’m a drummer?

You may do either of the following:
a) Perform 2 songs with a band.
b) Perform 2 songs as an open drum solo/alone

c) Perform 2 songs with backing track. Please ensure your drum playing is loud enough, clear and distinctive.


6. Are we allowed to use charts?

No, you are required to memorise your entire programme.


7. What equipment is provided during the Finals?

A drum set, grand piano, amplifiers and cables will be provided. Note that any additional equipment you choose to bring will eat into your setup time.


8. What happens if a group applicant with 5 members apply and they get into finals but one member is unfortunately unable to participate? Will that group be disqualified or they can still perform without the missing member?

All members who audition should be present for finals, should they be shortlisted. Any appeals or requests due to emergency or unfortunate absences will be resolved on a case by case basis by the SIJB committee.


9. Are there any payment methods other than bank transfer for international participant?

Bank transfer is preferred but you may send through PayPal:



Solo Division

1. How does the solo category work?

You may audition with or without an accompanying band. Should you be selected for the Finals, you will be required to play with the SIJB House Band (pianist, bassist and drummer). If you are a pianist, bassist or drummer, you will take place of the corresponding house musician.


2. Do all instruments need to play the head (like bass and drums)?

You need not play the head of the song but we encourage all participants to play it.


3. Can I get the other instrumentalists to take a solo?

As a bandleader, you are expected to lead the house band and you can direct them to solo, but you will be assessed primarily on your improvisation and overall performance.


4. I’m playing solo piano. Why is there ‘ensemble leadership’ as a judging criterion in the solo category?

Finalists are required to play with the SIJB House Band (pianist, bassist and drummer). If you are a pianist, bassist or drummer, you will take place of the corresponding house musician.


5. How should I perform for my video submission for solo category? I don’t have a band.

You may submit your audition video with or without an accompanying band. Please make sure that your video/audio is of high quality, where you can be seen and heard clearly.


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4 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Anak Baiharn says:

    Good evening,
    I have a question about the SIJB.
    In the registeration process, what do you mean by the Identification document?
    Could it be a passport?
    PS I am Thai
    Best regards
    Anak Baiharn

    1. WeLoveJazzHQ says:

      Hello Anak Baiharn,

      Yes. A passport works. We would like to see any official identification document that states the date of birth to ensure that participants are 30 years old and below.

      Thank you.


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