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Forum Background

Keeping the jazz community and ecosystem healthy has been a challenge in Singapore and in many other locations. There have been many effort made to improve the environment for jazz community; that includes not only practitioners but the fans, students and anyone who loves the art form and share the ideology.  Based on our official researches conducted by two of our directors, there are notable number of failure in jazz related ventures as well as lack of discussions and communications to improve the situations, we have found that many community members were craving public discourse.


Hence, our Forum & The Youth Forum were conceived, where practitioners of jazz will share their hopes for the future, as well as brainstorm what  stakeholders can do to fully optimise our resources – we are creating a whole new culture of public discussions on jazz.

Connect, Communicate, Expand

To aid the aforementioned condition in addition to the competition segment, we are excited to host a Forum where representatives of the respective communities in the region can provide updates about the current status and progress of jazz-oriented ventures, performance opportunities, education, and audience development in their locale, and to partake in panel/roundtable discussions.

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